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EcokitE85 Ethanol conversion kit - 8 cylinders

Save 40% on your fuel budget by switching to e85!

In 48 hours , receive your kit, in 45 minutes it's installed .

The next full is more than 35 € won!


Once our system is installed, you will not have to worry about it anymore, your car will be able to manage the different fuels in the tank. Great, e85, whatever.


Our system is designed to be simple, precise, and durable


A few words about our kit.


The harness is automotive supplier quality, the ABS case meets the requirements for resistance to impact, heat, and splashing necessary to be placed in an engine compartment.


The digital control board is powered by a processor to ensure optimized fuel consumption , perfect mixing , and cold start support . An ambient temperature sensor is also present on the control board to set the injection parameters.


To be sure that everything works optimally, the box is equipped with an exclusive Autodiag system which lights up different colored LEDs in the event of an anomaly.


Our system does not meet the homologation standard of November 30, 2017, and therefore will not allow modification of the vehicle registration document. For those wishing detailed information on this "homologation"

EcokitE85 Ethanol conversion kit - 8 cylinders

€219.00 Regular Price
€199.00Sale Price
  • Our system is compatible with the majority of vehicles equipped with multi-point petrol injection (one injector per cylinder).

    It is not compatible with direct injection engines (TFSI, TSI, FSI, THP, HPI, JTS, GDI, CGI, EcoBoost, Puretech (beyond 82hp).
    Our system does not work with carburetor engines, single point injections (injectors in the body of the throttle body and Diesel vehicles).
    For injectors with an impedance equal to or greater than 10 ohms.


  • 8-cylinder automatic flexfuel system (Super 95/98 or e85 whatever the proportion).

    In the box you will have:

    -Your ecokitE85 control box (internal ambient temperature sensor), ABS box auto OEM quality (shockproof and waterproof).

    -The harness adapted to your car, ready to connect, waterproof at the outlet of the box. No wires to cut or welds.

    -Step by step installation guide.

    - Telephone and email support included

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